Barista-Handwerk, Leidenschaft & Kaffeeduft
Kaffeekirsch`le Coffee Catering 

Since 2018.

Our recipe of success:
Freshly brewed!
Mit Produktliebe, Leidenschaft & Catering-Erfahrung.

Kaffeekirsch'le makes the difference. We brew with passion and according to all the rules of the barista craft to serve the finest coffee enjoyment fresh into your cup. In a level of quality that will create a lasting impression. 

We take care of everything from the equipment to the coffee service, from the logistics to the deliciousness - for your unforgettable coffee experience. We create a tailor-made offer for your occasion and your budget.

Kaffeekirschle Barista-Team
Kaffee Catering
Rahel Symanzik
Barista, coffeeologist and general manager

The founder of Kaffeekirsch'le discovered her passion for coffee during her stay overseas in Perth/Australia. Back in Germany, she attended countless further courses on all facets of the "black gold". The pastry chef quickly replaced her chef's uniform and whisk with a portafilter and a cupping spoon and started her career as an event manager and barista at a coffee roastery in Baden-Württemberg. 

The decision to establish a mobile coffee bar was made soon after. By the beginning of 2018, with a lot of time, effort and attention to detail, the project was completed to excite you at your event with selected coffeedrinks